Our team is dedicated to providing the services and advice you need to get ahead in your profession and build an amazing career.

Joining a union isn’t just about having someone in your corner when you need help. Collieries’ Staff and Officials Association (CSOA) also offers members opportunities for professional development, as well as a wide range of services and benefits. Here are just a few reasons why you should click Join Now:

We look after your rights

We want to make sure staff get the best conditions in the coal industry. To achieve this, CSOA represent staff interests by pushing for better wages, safety conditions and entitlements.

Here are just a few of our recent campaigns:
  • In 2016, we won a landmark case against Centennial Coal over their policy of age-discrimination that saw workers over 60 not receiving redundancy pay. All Centennial Coal workers now have full redundancy pay locked in their agreements.
  • We are currently campaigning against the Coal Mining Industry Employer Group which plans to slash compensation pay by 26 weeks.

This is only a snapshot of our work. We will continue to advocate strongly for Australia’s black coal mining industry workers so that this recognition and economic support will become the status quo industry-wide.

We have supported members in the workplace with…

  • The Collieries’ Staff Division Fund: developed to enable full representation for members in legal proceedings such as safety investigations and other work related legal matters.
  • Contract advice: We are your first point of contact when you’re signing a new contract. Having a second opinion when it comes to legal documents can save you from getting an unfair deal.
  • Unfair dismissals: We want to make sure that our members are protected from termination when they aren’t to blame. We can help with departmental and company investigations right from the start.

Professional development and member benefits

Not only does CSOA lobby the government, as a member you’ll get:

  • Access to a wide range of continuing professional development opportunities and industry-recognised accreditation programs;
  • member-only discounts on groceries, fuel, cinema and consumer goods at some of Australia’s largest retailers.
  • savings on a rage of insurance policies;
  • financial planning and advice; and
  • advice on migration agents and services.

Click here to join CSOA and start your journey to a better future today.